Bobbiny Macramé cord Regular 3mm Oat yellow

Bobbiny Macramé příze Regular 3mm Ovesná žlutá pro Ukrajinu
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Bobbiny Bobbiny Macramé cord 3 mm yellow is a twisted cord made of 56 fibres from recycled cotton and it can be brushed out. Together with the blue cord, it’s a limited edition in the colours of the Ukrainian flag. The Bobbiny company will send profits from the sales of these cords to the Red Cross international organisation to help Ukraine. We will join in as well and we’ll send our profits from this product to the Czech Red Cross public fundraiser. Macramé cords are mostly used for making wall decorations, hanging plant holders, handbags and other accessories as well as for making smaller decorations, such as macramé feathers, leaves or angels.


Size 5 mm
In design žluté
Note délka příze je ± 100 m
Product code: 46746