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Set of round flat tumbled minerals and semiprecious stones with the symbols of 7 main chakras for recharging energy and achieving harmony of individual chakras. According to legends, carefully chosen stones will protect you from negative energy, they will help you stay positive and find an equilibrium in your life. You can have them with you at all times but you can also showcase them at home or at work where they’ll be your ideal companions. It’s believed that thanks to them, you’ll stay focused, you’ll be resistant to stress and you’ll easily manage even the hardest work or life tasks. Thanks to the elegant packaging in an organza bag, they’re also great as an original gift. If you want to find out more about chakras and their effects, you can read our specialized article. The set contains stones with chakra symbols: Muladhara (the root chakra), Svadhisthana (the sacral chakra), Manipura (the solar chakra), Anahata (the heart chakra), Vishuddha (the throat chakra), Ajna (the third eye) a Sahasrara (the crown chakra).


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