DAS Self-hardening clay 1kg stone effect

DAS Self-hardening clay 1kg stone effect
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DAS Self-hardening clay DAS in the colour of stone is world-renowned, most popular modelling clay that doesn’t have to be fired. It hardens within 24-48 hours on its own, depending on the thickness of the product. After drying, the product can be sanded and then decorated using acrylic paints or markers. For fail-safe protection of colours, we recommend treating products using a colourless varnish. Product is not waterproof, nor is it suitable for contact with food. In case you don’t use up all the clay from the pack, it needs to be thoroughly wrapped in order to prevent it from being in contact with air and hardening.


Weight 1000 g
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Note Samovolně vytvrdne na vzduchu za 24 - 48 hodin
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