MATUBO™ Czech pressed beads

MATUBO™ Czech pressed beads Discover the perfect shine of MATUBO pressed glass beads and rivolis, which have over 80 years of tradition. MATUBO™ is a trademark of Matura Beads s.r.o. company, which resides in the region of Czech glass-makers - Železný Brod. The company deals with manufacturing, innovation and production of glass intermediate products for jewellery production. Their main products are glass pressed pearls. The Matura family is proud of their invention, so called maturovka. It is a pressing machine that is entirely automatic and is used particularly for manufacturing round pearls, which are further processed. Semi-finished beads are then cut and polished into their final form.

The company Matura Beads Ltd.

Guaranteed shape and size

Pressed MATUBO beads and rivolis are made of high-quality Czech glass PRECIOSA ORNELA. They are manufactured using modern pressing technology with a great emphasis on a perfectly precise shape and size of the beads and rivolis.

You can find a wide array of colours in their product range and it will delight not only the fans of perfect lustre, which Matura Beads s.r.o. is excellent at, but also champions of elegant matte beads.

You can find all this in MATUBO products:

  • MATUBO Round 7/0 and MATUBO Round 8/0 are the first seed beads manufactured using the very precise pressing technology thanks to which the pearls are distinguished by an impeccable size precision and constancy. They are great in sewn and crocheted jewellery where you will appreciate their regularity.
  • Double-hole beads Superduo, Miniduo and Rulla will open new creative possibilities for you. MATUBO Superduo as well as cylinder-shaped MATUBO Rulla beads are especially suitable for creating multi-row pieces. Moreover, using them you can create all sorts of jewellery patterns and they can be combined with one-hole PRECIOSA Solo beads, and together they will build a rim of a piece of jewellery or a fashion accessory. MATUBO Miniduo beads are a smaller version of MATUBO Superduo and thanks to their identical shape, the two can be combined together perfectly. You can then easily create very detailed and professional jewellery.
  • MATUBO Wheel beads are suitable not only for sewing jewellery but also for using them as connectors which separate bigger beads.
  • Czech pressed crystals MATUBO Rivoli are designed to be sewn around with pressed beads or for gluing into rimmed components. The bottom side of the rivoli is made of simili, which is a thin gold or silver reflective layer covered with protective varnish. Simili creates a mirror effect and so enhances the shine and sparkle of the stones.

MATUBO Round - jewelry MATUBO Miniduo - earringMATUBO Round 7/0 a Superduo - braceletMATUBO Miniduo, Rulla a Round 8/0 - earring

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