MIYUKI Japanese seed beads

MIYUKI Japanese seed beads Magnificent happiness as well as deep silence are both hidden in the name of the Japanese company MIYUKI CO., LTD. Since 1930 the passion and dedication of Seiichi Katsuoka have turned into TOP quality beads known all around the bead world. Today MIYUKI seed beads are considered to be setting a world standard mainly thanks to their high quality, brilliance and uniform shape. These seed beads are very popular among fashion designers, artists and bead enthusiasts all around the world.

Miyuki company Miyuki - production of beads

Exact shapes, interesting shape variations and geometric crafting

Delica Beads® is a registered, premium brand by MIYUKI CO., LTD. Delica beads pride themselves on the exact cylinder shape with thin walls and a really wide center hole, which allows multiple threading. Seed beads are lighter and therefore there are more pieces in a package by weight than there would be of classic round MIYUKI Round beads.

MIYUKI Delica are highly durable and colourfast thanks to special Duracoat finish. MIYUKI Delica 15/0, 11/0 and 10/0 are suitable for woven jewellery and you can use them to create exact geometric patterns. All sizes are available in identical colours, which enables you to set your imagination free and make whatever combinations you want. Find your inspiration also among colour mixes MIYUKI Delica 11/0 and 10/0.

MIYUKI Magatama drops have a wide center hole and bright shine thanks to higher glass content. MIYUKI Magatama 4 mm and prolonged MIYUKI Long Magatama are as suitable for classic threading as they are for sewing unconventionally shaped jewellery. Magatama 4 mm mixes are prepared for the devotees of multicolour crafting.

Two-hole MIYUKI TILA beads are square-shaped and you should always have them handy when creating woven jewellery. Seed beads MIYUKI Half TILA are a smaller by half alternative that you can use in exactly the same way.

MIYUKI crochet thread has a resin treatment thanks to which it does not come undone. As the name suggests, it is suitable for bead crocheting and in addition, it creates fascinating colour effects when used with transparent beads.

Seed Beads Miyuki - motive MIYUKI Half TILA - bracelet MIYUKI TILA - pendant MIYUKI Delica - geometric patterns

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