Set of Bio ironing beads NABBI® 5000pcs with 3 pegboards

Sada Bio zažehlovacích korálků NABBI® 5000ks
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Efco Ironing beads NABBI® Biobeads mix of 10 basic colours contains 5000 beads and 3 ironing pegboards in the shape of a heart, a star and a hexagon. Using ironing beads, it’s possible to make simple bracelets or necklaces as well as various decorations, ornaments, pendants or pictures, be it using wires, beading string or special pegboards, on which the beads melt into a compact mass with the help of an iron and baking paper. The Biobeads range is made from Biodolomer. It’s a 100% biodegradable and compostable material. Beads from the Biobeads range are a sustainable alternative to ordinary ironing beads, their production leaves a smaller environmental footprint and they are packed in a paper packaging. Like the beads, the reusable pegboards are also made from Biodolomer. Crafting with ironing beads will enthuse adults, but mainly kids, whose fine motor skills are developed by putting together designs and working with the beads. Suitable for kids from 3 years of age, but taking into consideration the size of the beads and the eventual use of an iron, we strongly recommend adult supervision during crafting.


Size 5 x 5 mm
In design biologicky kompostovatelné
Note 5000 ks, 3 podložky
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