SWAROVSKI 1400 Dome Round Stone

SWAROVSKI 1400 Dome Round Stone is a round faceted crystal by SWAROVSKI that was inspired by the shape of temple domes. We offer it in three sizes and in several colours, from the popular Bermuda Blue F to the Crystal Paradise Shine F colour that reflects all kinds of hues. Although at first glance it may seem that this stone is similar, for example, to the 1088 Xirius Chaton, that is not the case. It gets its unique look from a high number of facets - there actually is 90 of them. Thanks to that, this crystal reflects light in a completely different way than the aforementioned Chaton or very popular crystals 1122 Rivoli Chaton. This crystal is also not compatible with the components for the 1122 Rivoli Chaton. Thanks to its colours and cut, this stone will be ideal for making vintage jewellery.

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