SWAROVSKI 4322 Teardrop Fancy Stone

SWAROVSKI 4322 Teardrop Fancy Stone is a new addition to the SWAROVSKI Fancy Stones category. It’s an elegant cut that offers, as always, high shine and refinement. This shape is ideal for filigree jewellery but you can also use it for sewing simple mosaic or floral patterns. Its rear side is made in such a way that allows the stone to be easily glued into a jewellery setting. For instance, OmegaCast findings for SWAROVSKI offer absolutely compatible settings in gold-plated as well as silver-plated finish, be it pendants or connectors. Thanks to that, you can just buy a silver or gold-plated chain along with the setting and the stone to easily make a luxurious piece of jewellery. Or else you can just use the stone for bezelling or in floral or radial patterns.

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