SWAROVSKI 4499 Kaleidoscope Square

SWAROVSKI 4499 Kaleidoscope Square is one of the three classic cuts which SWAROVSKI offers in a new finish that is composed of Rivoli faceting on the rear side in combination with large facets on the front side. Thanks to that, this unique design makes an impression of a stone inside a stone. The kaleidoscope theme is ideal not only for jewellery, but also for sewing on clothes. The rear side is designed to allow the stone to be easily embedded in a jewellery setting. You can choose one from the SWAROVSKI range or you can take a look at the new OmegaCast settings that offer pendants as well as connectors in both silver- and gold-plated finishes. Thanks to that, you can turn this beautiful stone into a luxurious piece of jewellery in just five minutes.

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1.19 € 0.72 € 1 ks In stock
Size 10 mm
In design (3P1TC3) Gold
Product code 39793
2.09 € 1.23 € 1 ks In stock
Size 14 mm
In design (3P1TC3) Gold
Product code 39795