SWAROVSKI 4699 Kaleidoscope Hexagon

SWAROVSKI 4699 Kaleidoscope Hexagon Fancy Stone is a completely unique cut by SWAROVSKI that was added to their range only later on. Thanks to the special process of faceting the rear side in the Rivoli style and thanks to large facets on the front side, a kaleidoscope design is created in the middle of the stone. This cut is very shiny and you can use it not only in luxurious pieces of jewellery, but also to embellish your clothes. The rear side is designed to allow the stone to be easily embedded in findings with settings. You can find those from the SWAROVSKI range in our e-shop, but also from the OmegaCast brand that offers pendants as well as connectors in both silver-and gold-plated finishes. A large scale of colours, from the popular AB to the interesting DeLite shades, will allow you to make tens of luxurious jewellery pieces.

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1.19 € 0.72 € 1 ks In stock
Size 10 mm
In design (3P1TC3) Gold
Product code 39831