SWAROVSKI 4778 Fatima Hand Fancy Stone

SWAROVSKI 4778 Fatima Hand is a cut from the world renowned crystal producer SWAROVSKI that got inspired by the famous Hamsa hand. It originated in the ancient Mesopotamia and together with other cultural symbols it became an integral part of the fashion world. The symbol of five fingers has been popular for several years, mainly in eclectic patterns and jewellery pieces. This stone is designed to easily get embedded into a jewellery setting, which we offer under the OmegaCast brand in both silver- and gold-plated finishes. To go with the setting, you can just buy a jump ring and a silver or gold-plated chain to make a designer piece of jewellery or an amulet that will bring good luck to its owner.

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3.83 € 1 ks In stock
Size 18 mm
In design (001 F) Crystal F
Product code 43308