SWAROVSKI 4799 Kaleidoscope Triangle

SWAROVSKI 4799 Kaleidoscope Triangle Fancy Stone is one of the three classic stone shapes that SWAROVSKI recently enhanced with a new design. This design was created thanks to the fact that the rear side of the stone is faceted in the Rivoli style and the front side of the stone is covered with large facets. Thanks to that, a kaleidoscope motif is created inside the stone. This highly shiny and original stone will be ideal for your jewellery as well as a decoration for your clothes. The rear side is designed to allow the stone to be easily embedded in jewellery findings with settings. You can pick these out from the SWAROVSKI range but also from the OmegaCast offer that has pendants as well as connectors in both silver- and gold-plated finishes. Thanks to that, you can easily use the stone for all your jewellery techniques, from more intricate bezelling to just combining it with a setting and a silver or gold-plated chain.

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1.66 € 1 ks In stock
Size 9,4 mm
In design (143 D) Crystal Ocean DeLite
Product code 39838
1.66 € 1.32 € 1 ks In stock
Size 9,4 mm
In design (204 F) Amethyst F
Product code 39835