SWAROVSKI glues for round and fancy stones

SWAROVSKI glues for round and fancy stones offer high quality glues by the world renowned crystal manufacturer SWAROVSKI. This glue is truly high quality and is used to glue all the jewellery that you find in the SWAROVSKI stores all around the world. Its consistency is designed to prevent the glue from cracking, even if you’re crossing from extreme cold to heat. Thanks to that, you don’t have to be afraid that your stone will fall out. It’s a two-part glue and it has to be mixed in the exact 1:1 ratio. You can buy it in a large pack and mix the glue yourself, or in a smaller pack with a practical blending piece that will mix as well as measure the glue by itself, exactly according to the instructions. You can then put the glue mix into a syringe and carefully apply it to the bottom of the jewellery setting, without smudging the edges. The blending piece is designed for repeated use but it wears down with time. In this category, you can also buy a spare blending piece.

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