TOHO Japanese seed beads

TOHO Japanese seed beads Japanese company TOHO CO., LTD. is a leading seed beads manufacturer not only in Japan but worldwide. Seed bead manufacturing does not have a long tradition in Japan, on the contrary, in comparison with the Czech Republic, it is very short. First small company started manufacturing only at the beginning of the thirties of the last century in the Hiroshima area and TOHO CO., LTD. company came into existence twenty years later. Thanks to its high quality, the company is the best in its field and sets not only fashion trends but also the course in the field of manufacturing and technology.

Perfectly exact shapes and the best possible quality of seed beads

Japanese TOHO beads are popular all around the world and they offer the best possible quality. You will be especially delighted by their perfect shape. Compared to other seed beads, TOHO beads are designed with bigger holes, which makes lighter beads with thinner walls. Wider lining enables multiple threading, which you will appreciate not only while creating sewn jewellery.Seed beads TOHO Demi Round -  bracelet


TOHO seed beads overview:

You can find the TOHO Round shape in round seed beads, which are suitable for all sorts of techniques of sewing jewellery. They are also well suited for embroidering around cabochons or Swarovski rivoli.

The optimal threading material for working with TOHO beads are very thin and strong cotton threads NYMO and TOHO One-G nylon threads.

TOHO Round 15/0 are the smallest round TOHO beads and TOHO Round 11/0 are the most used seed beads. Bigger round beads TOHO Round 8/0 and the biggest TOHO Round 6/0 also belong into the Round shape category.

The round seed beads TOHO Hybrids 11/0 have a special finish, thanks to which the beads are characterised by original colours, textures and longer lifespan. Other beads with special finish are the professional TOHO Exclusive beads. They are more expensive due to metallic finish made from precious metals. Gold, silver, bronze and palladium are most often used for the finish.

TOHO glow in the dark are the latest innovation. Using beads 2.2 mm in size and with 0.9 mm wide hole you can easily create impressive jewellery that will glow at night. In case you are not a night type, try TOHO reflexive beads

TOHO Cubes 6/0 are seed beads in the shape of little cubes with square holes, which influences the position of a bead in sewn or hanging jewellery. TOHO Cubes 6/0 are 4 mm in size and you can easily thread even 1.8 mm wide strings through their holes.
The TOHO Triangle 8/0 and TOHO Triangle 11/0 seed beads have a triangular shape and also a triangle-shaped hole, which influences the position of a bead in sewn or hanging jewellery.
You can gain more shine for your jewellery with the TOHO Hexagon 8/0 and TOHO Hexagon 11/0. These seed beads have a hexagon shape with a round hole. Thanks to six rounded edges, the bead is iridescent and adds shine to the jewellery.

TOHO Treasures 12/0 are seed beads with a tube shape and they have round holes 0.9 mm in diameter. The TOHO Bugles seed beads are 3 mm long tubes. Their huge advantage is smooth and straight ends, thanks to which the threading materials do not get damaged. The seed bead tubes are suitable for creating sewn jewellery.

Even among tubes you can find the professional TOHO Exclusive seed beads, which are more expensive due to their metallic finish made from precious metals. Gold, silver, bronze and palladium are most often used for the bead finish.

The Demi Round 11/0 beads are half as wide as the classic shaped seed beads TOHO Round 11/0 and they make a perfect circular shape. Thanks to this, the beads are also half as heavy and when sold by weight, there is double the amount of them per pack. You can also find these beads in the TOHO Demi Round 8/0 size.
  If you are unsure which bead shapes or sizes you would like the most, do not hesitate to use our TOHO Mixes or prepared samplers for easier decision-making from the comfort of your home.

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