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Together we’re creating a kingdom for all creative souls for you!

Why are we always one bead ahead?

First of all, because it’s close to our hearts! Since 2006, we’ve been collecting valuable experiences and we’ve been continuously trying to improve our services, to expand our range according to current trends that we actively follow, and therefore we can choose the highest quality beads and findings as well as other necessities for creative crafting for you. We ourselves like to play and create with what we’re selling, so we are always able to advise on compatibility or uses. And all our ideas can be found in the tutorial and inspiration section or on our blog. Well and where we are out of our depth, we’ll gladly try it instead of you, because we know that nobody wants to buy a bead in a poke! :-)
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Traditional Czech glass quality
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Welcome! I’m glad you’ve found your way to us.

If you love all types of manual crafting, if you like trying new techniques and materials and you like the DIY world overall, I believe that you’re in the right place. For more than fifteen years, we’ve been creating an exceptional range of high-quality products for reasonable prices for your creative crafting.

Just as much as you like crafting, we like what we do and we thank you, our customers, for allowing us to do it. Enjoy shopping in our e-shop or our stores and I wish you a lot of pleasant time spent on your creative projects.

Martin Stibor - founder of Dobeado.com

And who is in the team?

Martin Stibor Martin Stibor
obchodní ředitel
Martina Žemličková Martina Žemličková
marketingová ředitelka
Pavel Jaroš Pavel Jaroš
finanční ředitel
Zuzana Dobšíčková Zuzana Dobšíčková
kreativní ředitelka
Jan Kovalčík Jan Kovalčík
hlavní administrátor
Vanda Nováková Vanda Nováková
obsahový specialista
Marcela Dicker Marcela Dicker
vedoucí nákupu
Emil Todorov Emil Todorov
vedoucí expedice
Kateřina Horčičková Kateřina Horčičková
operátor zákaznické podpory
Dita Pařezová Dita Pařezová
operátor zákaznické podpory
Iveta Stejskalová Iveta Stejskalová
operátor zákaznické podpory
Gabriela Seberová Gabriela Seberová
provozní ředitelka
Tomáš Smolík Tomáš Smolík
vedoucí logistiky
Tereza Cardová Tereza Cardová
asistent logistiky
Irena Novotná Irena Novotná
obsluha prodejny Vinohradská 76, Praha 3
Lenka Bučková Lenka Bučková
obsluha prodejny Milady Horákové 58, Praha 7
Marie Abaza Marie Abaza
obsluha prodejny Lidická 40, Praha 5
Zuzana Výborná Zuzana Výborná
Asistentka prodeje

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Everything is in stock for immediate dispatch
Affordable delivery to EU
Traditional Czech glass quality
Discounted price for larger packages