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Mini faceted mineral beads
Multicolour macramé cords
New: Manumi connectors
Expanded range of amber
Designer LavArt jewelry
Brand new: Jesmonite

Why we are always one bead ahead

First of all, because it’s close to our hearts! Since 2006, we’ve been collecting valuable experiences and we’ve been continuously trying to improve our services, to expand our range according to current trends that we actively follow, and therefore we can choose the highest quality beads and findings as well as other necessities for creative crafting for you. We ourselves like to play and create with what we’re selling, so we are always able to advise on compatibility or uses. And all our ideas can be found in the tutorial and inspiration section or on our blog. Well and where we are out of our depth, we’ll gladly try it instead of you, because we know that nobody wants to buy a bead in a poke! 🙂

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