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Návod na macramé podkovu

Basic information and frequently asked questions

Macramé or knotting is an age-old technique of weaving cords and threads. Combining different types of knots creates interesting geometric patterns. You can apply those on decorations as well as jewellery. At the moment, cords made from recycled cotton are the most popular material for making macramé. This material corresponds very well with scandi or boho style interiors. The most popular products are wall decorations and hangers for flower pots or lanterns. There are countless possibilities when it comes to products you can make from macramé cords

How to choose the thread?

The basic difference between cords is that they either can be combed out or they cannot, depending on whether the individual fibers can be separated from each other, therefore creating the effect of tassels or pom-poms. In our e-shop, you can easily recognise a cord that can be combed out by the comb icon. The thickness of the cord should be chosen based on the effect that you want to achieve.

How do I find out how much cord I need?

To begin with, it’s best to choose tutorials that state the quantity of cords needed. It greatly depends on the pattern that you want to create, the size of the product as well as the thickness of the cord you want to use. As soon as you knot your first article, it’ll be easier to estimate the amount of cord needed for your future project.

How to comb out cords?

To comb out cords, you can use an ordinary lice comb or, for example, a brush for animal hair. It’s important that the teeth of the comb are thin and strong. When combing, proceed slowly, starting from the ends of the cords. Hurrying up doesn’t pay off, the threads could tangle together.

What are the basic knots?

An attaching knot called Cow Hitch knot or also a lark’s head will help you attach your cord to the material that will be the base of your macramé (for example, a stick). The reef knot (square knot) will be sufficient for you to make a basic pattern. If you keep repeating just a half of it, you’ll make a spiral pattern.

Where to find inspiration?

The quickest way to understand the macramé creating process is to watch a video. Just type “macramé” into YouTube and then pick one from the tutorials offered. Knotting is easy and you just need to look at the video, you don’t have to understand the language.