OmegaCast connector Aries 14x11mm gold-plated

OmegaCast spojovací díl Beran 14x11mm pozlacený

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OmegaCast connector Aries 14x11mm gold-plated in design gold-plated with 24k gold made from a special hypoallergenic metal called zamak is an ideal finding for making layered accessories, Boho jewellery or bracelets with minerals. Thanks to a surface finish with precious metals, you can combine this finding, for example, with silver or gold-plated chains. It will also stand out on other threading materials, such as leather cords or Shamballa cords, or you can attach it to a hoop or a chandelier finding to make unique earrings.

Size: 13,5x11 mm
Colour: gold-plated with 24k gold
Hole width: 1,4 mm
Product code: 43986