TOHO Treasure 12/0 (TT-11-290) No.443

TOHO Treasure 12/0 (TT-11-290) č.443

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TOHO Japanese seed beads

TOHO Treasure 12/0 (TT-11-290) No.443 in design Trans-Lustered Rose are high-quality Japanese seed beads with precise shape and larger hole diameter. Thanks to that, you can string them on NYMO beading thread, beading string, lycra elastic yarn or wire. Because of their precise shape, TOHO seed beads are ideal for bead weaving and bezeled jewellery.

Size: 12/0 = 1,8 mm
Colour: Trans-Lustered Rose
Hole width: 0,9 mm
Manufacturer code: TT-11-290
Note: 5 g = app. 1000 pcs
Product code: 13581